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Hello Ladies and gentlemen welcome, and come right in. I know we can all be a little curious about the what ifs, what was, and what is.
What if there was a way you could learn some of these?
Aside from the divination, let's also learn a little more about the 5 arts of the Chinese Metaphysics. We have the 5 arts and they are Medicine, Mountain, Life, Divination, and physiognomy. Out of the 5, we are currently focusing on the 3 of the arts and that is Mountain, Life, and Divination. While we are focusing on the 3 arts, it is also slips into the art 2 as well. 

If you are keen to know more, well hope right into our website for more information. 

Mountain 山

Mountain is the cultivation of one's body, mind, and spirit using methods such as martial arts and meditation. 


Medicine 醫

Medicine refers to the use of prescriptions, acupuncture, spiritual healing and other methods to maintain health and treat diseases.


Life 命

Life is the knowledge and understanding of the laws of nature, the understanding of fate, and the way of improving our lives. Though the study of astrology and by studying the planets and stars, we are able to interpret the influences these stars and planets have on our lives. The method is based on the time of birth and the theoretical basis of the five behaviors of yin and yang. In short, "life" is to presume the fate of people, and then achieve the knowledge of seeking good luck and avoiding bad luck, so as to improve the needs of human development.

生命是對自然規律的認識和理解,是對命運的認識,是改善我們生命的方式。 通過占星術的研究,通過研究行星和恆星,我們能夠解讀這些恆星和行星對我們生活的影響。 該法以出生時間和陰陽五行為理論基礎。 總之,“命”就是對人的命運進行預設,進而達到趨吉避凶的學問,從而提高人的發展需要。

So what are the 3 arts? 

How did our name come about?


為什麼我們叫茶道之舞? 我們的名字來源於泡茶的藝術。從泡茶中感受到道, 而道是天地萬物的演化運行機制。倒入水時,茶葉在茶壺的腹部周圍跳舞的想法顯示了我們頭腦中的混亂。 待水靜,茶葉漸沉於壺底,即是心靜。 通過占卜和氣功治療的藝術,我們的目標是為來到我們門前的人們帶來和平和理解。

Why are we called Dancing Leaves? We take the name from the art of tea brewing. The idea of the tea leaves dancing around the belly of the tea pot when water is being poured in shows the chaos in our mind. When the water has settled, the tea leaves gradually settles down to the bottom of the pot and that is the stillness of the mind. Through the art of divination and healing, we aim to bring peace, and better self understanding to the people who come through our door. 

What do we do? 我們的服務 


Purple Emperor Astrology 

Zi wei dou shu, or the purple emperor, is a form of ancient divination used for the emperor of China in ancient times. Now, it is used by everyone around the world to look into a person's past, see the present, and predict the future. This system uses both scientific calculations and perception to layout a person's chart and read it.

Photo by 五玄土 ORIENTO on Unsplash 


Tarot Card Reading  

Using oracle cards, and tarot cards, we will be able to gather the information required to tell you the story weaved by the fates. Of course, while some stories may have been written, it may also be changed, if not, to a certain degree. 

Photo by Viva Luna Studios on Unsplash


Qi Gong Healing 

With up to 20 years of experience in medical qigong, our group of local practitioners have decided to come together to create this alternative holistic therapy. For more information, please visit our FAQ section where you will be able to find more details to this program.

Photo by Mohammad Alizade on Unsplash


Healing Emotional Blockage ​治愈情緒障礙

Emotional wellness is an important aspect to the overall wellbeing of an individual. Sometimes, we have trapped emotions and emotional knots in us that impacts us deeply. Through the clearing of these emotions, we can lighten our body and mind. That's when the healing emotional blockage session comes in.  

Photo by Engin Akyurt: 

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